My Story

Sander van Laar vakfotograaf kunstenaar,fotograaf uit veenendaal, Kunstenaar

Sander van Laar (1979, Veenendaal) graduated cum laude from the professional photography school in 2012. He won several photo competitions and in 2015 he decided to fully concentrate on shooting in combination with image editing, skills in which he became skilled.

Sander’s work is distinguished, among other things, by the bright colors, creativity and surprising effects that give his artworks a unique character. He draws his inspiration from the work of the old masters. He writes the light and shadow with his camera and digidoka.

In addition to his artistic assignments, Sander is an all-round professional photographer.If the old masters would have had the technology available to sander van laar this would be the kind of work they would produce.

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